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Meet all your customers’ cash needs with our Free ATM service! As a business owner, you know the importance of having an ATM on premises. With our Free ATM program, you'll have access to a machine that's free, easy to use and commissionable. There are no monthly charges or out of pocket costs, making it a great way to provide added value to your customers while also boosting your bottom line.

Reduce Processing Fees

Save on all fee per transaction, flat rate, and annual fees. Keep more money in your pocket when you provide cash as an alternative to your customers and reduce overall processing fees.

Retain Your Customers

An onsite ATM keeps your customers from leaving your business to search out their need for cash elsewhere. This means they keep spending with you.

Make Cash Available

When Cash is available, that allows you to increase your amount of sales in house and keep customers happy.

Attract New Foot Traffic

With an ATM on site you will draw new foot traffic to your business for customers who need to access their cash immediately. Studies show 3 out of 4 customers make an impulse buy in the

store in which the ATM is located.

Receive Monthly Payments

We share the ATM usage fee with you and you incur no operating costs or maintenance fees. This is a hands off approach to making money while providing it at the same time.

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We do the work

  • We install and secure the machine in your business for FREE!

  • We program, repair, and perform maintenance on the machine for FREE

Keep it full

  • We fill and replenish the machine with cash as needed for FREE.

  • We monitor all transactions and provide monthly reports to you for FREE.

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Customer Satisfaction

We handle any customer related issues that arise with our machine for FREE.

Could your business use a FREE ATM?

Reach out to 1 Nation Merchant Services today to discuss getting an ATM in your business. 

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